wonderful winterland

wonderful winterland 2

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I’ve been uploading some photos to flickr tonight. I wasn’t able to do so while I was back home with my parents; (the dial-up got painfully slow while trying to see or do anything at flickr)!
I came across some really beautiful shots from a day that was just amazing. My mums birthday, December 22nd, was cold but also shiny white wonderland. As you can see from the photo.
In a few days I hope I’ve uploaded most of the “old” photos. Then I can start up with the more recent 😉
Today we’ve been out all day at a seminar (or what to call it). It was nice and MT enjoyed his time with the other children. He was terrible tired though, and not easy to be around the last hour he was awake. Now he’s sleeping up in his bed, and has been for several hours.
Hope he’s not doing what he did this morning, though. At 4:30 he decided it was just the time for waking up. He turned on the light and started jumping up and down on me. I was late in bed (not asleep until 3 am) – so was in no mode for this behavior; but I had to use some time to make him see that sleeping was far better than being up.. 😉 Off course we overslept this morning, but not too bad…
I’m signing off now; wishing everyone a good night/morning/day 😀

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2 thoughts on “wonderful winterland

  1. valerie says:

    Ahhhh is so good to have you back! I’ll try and go look at all your photos tonight or tomorrow!! :) Glad you had such a wonderful time!!

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