it happened again!

I think I might have to put a bell around his neck!!

wondering 2

So far he’s done nothing wrong, but I think he’s getting up early just to have some time for himself downstairs. The positive thing is that he’s not afraid of the darkness or of being alone in a room where I am not. The negative, well, everything else!! Thankfully he can’t open the door out yet.


snow and wind

white promise of spring promise of spring in colors

It’s so good to be able to spend the day and night inside. I’m sorry for all that have to be outside, at least in the northern part of our country where it at the moment are hurricane and freezing cold (about 50 below zero at the worst…when you combine the wind and the temp together. That’s chill!!). Here it’s just some strong wind and izy snow coming down. Yep, the kind of snow that really hurts your eyes if your out walking in it.. But I’m inside – and carefree 😀

MT is sleeping, but uneasy, I think the weather is getting at him. And maybe the noise scares him a little too?!
We haven’t been outside today, I couldn’t manage enough energy to be outside more than a few minutes. And MT would want more than that. Boy do I envy his winter suite! So not to get an angry child on top on everything I took a photo earlier today from the inside of my verandah door 😉

Thursday weather

So what have I been doing all day?! I wonder my self. But a little bit of that and a little bit of this. Not so much cleaning as I hoped (heard that one before?!) – but I’ve done some. I’m also working on a system for all my archived stuff (and I don’t mean computer-stuff), so it’s easier to find when needed. Some changes have been done, more to come – and now I mean in the house. It’s been untidy and messy far to long. People might think this is all I am. 😉 –> but oh no!! I can actually clean; it’s just not my favorite hobby!! Speaking of hobby, this blog and flickr is, so off course I’ve spent some time out here during the day!! Hehe.

Yesterday night, as I told you, I put together MT’s Duplo/Lego railway and here is some photos from before and after MT woke up 😉 More at flickr

New set: The railway

And then I think I might have found the photo for a real LIMEtheme, now all I have to figure out is what to do with it and how to place it and so on and so on; my guess it will be ready some time next year……. Or, I hope not!!

lime in color

Anyhow, have a great night/morning/day (whatever suits you) – enjoy life!
Hugs :)

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