Fixed :D

Yay! Then that problem was taken care off. It was my permalink settings, I just wanted it to be default – but the default for some reason didn’t want to work… when I choosed one of the other options everything went back to normal!!

Then I can move over to more fun stuff: hacking my new theme… 😉 One of the first things is to do something about this smilies; can’t see why they have to be so big and take up so much space in a post. Then I have to go add stuff to my sidebar and move around on some of the stuff that’s already there…. But later; now food!! (jepp, got the son in bed but forgot to eat – had to figure out why my blog had bugs…) 😆

See you later!

sorry, still no commenting…. grr

After a nice day with friends it’s good to be back home. MT to try his skis, but most of the time we spent indoors. My friend have three children and two of them was home. MT got a lot of attention and even dared to hug their dog (!) – he was such a cutie 😉

It has snowed some most of the day, but now it’s raining down here by the fjord. The roads is icy so we took it real slow going down some steep hills. On our way down we met one car who had stopped in the middle of the road, I so didn’t want to be the next one!! MT was so tired that he fall asleep on our way home and now he’s sleeping on the couch until I get around to carry him up……

On the updating issue:
I’m still not sure what’s wrong with the commenting thingy, but there seems to be something that’s not right with the link in the “comment here”-bit – so I’ll go after that as soon as I get around to it. I have even changed themes back and forth, but there is no help in that, so I guess the problem is with one of the files I uploaded to the server yesterday (and not with a themes files…). Just have to figure out which one….. But first: something to eat and get MT up into bed.

//Edit: there seems to be something wrong with the post also; can’t click the heading and get it on it’s own page… hm…. it might be the right place to start troobleshoting….

out skiing

Oki, so I will not be doing anything with my blog until MT is in bed fast asleep. Hopefully he’ll sleep good tonight, since he started sooooo early on!!And this morning he really made a mess downstairs :( (I think I have to buy the bell right away)

We’re out to some friends and if the snow is okei MT can finally try out the skis again. He found it so much fun last time, so I hope he’ll enjoy it again!

Sorry for no ability to comment yet, but I haven’t had time to look for the bug… Hope I’m able to fix it before midnight, though!

Happy Sunday!

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