alive and well…


I’m sorry; it’s been over a week since my last post. I just didn’t have time one day, and then it piled up on me…. 😉

Life is good, though. It’s been busy, at least most of last week was.

soon finished.. 1 soon finished.. 3 DSCF5656 DSCF5669 DSCF5685 DSCF5696 DSCF5699 DSCF5707

The project with the new room for children- and youths activities is now going well. The room is not finished, but we have put up a lot of the furniture and most of the painting is done. Last week we started using it, and discovered what a good room it is. Can’t wait to use it for the regular – and new – programs for children, youths and teenagers, maybe even a few adult is allowed to use it as well. Oh, yea, now we’re proud of our selves 😀

This weekend we went to celebrate my friend Benedictes husband Tronds 40 years anniversary. For me both Saturday evening and Sunday; MT joined me on Sunday. Saturday was his first take on baby sitters; and it went well. Yay! (it might be because he got to sleep in his best friends bed, but I hope this is a trend…)

DSCF5740 DSCF5761 DSCF5765

This week we have done a little bit of that, a little bit of this…. Been outside more and I’ve tried to get in touch with the cleaning lady inside me – not sure if I succeeded, though… But along the way I met the interior designer iside… and redecorated my living room tonight. (It was fun!) Figured that there have been so many changes over the past months, it was time with a change of the furniture as well) 😉

Hope I can see the look on MT’s face tomorrow when he sees it. Wonder what he’ll think…”mum’s gone craze again” ?! hehe

Tomorrow we’re heading back home to my parents for a short stay. We’ve missed them and my niece’s having her birthday on Saturday so I thought it was nice to head back now. MT was all smile when he heard and did not mind a bit to stay in the car all day tomorrow. I’m really impressed with him and hope the trip back is just as good as the trip here in January.


So then I guess it’s a good idea to get some sleep…. night, night

love and hugs!

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