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Oh did he have fun 3

We had a great time with friends yesterday.
It’s so great to see how MT enjoys playing with the twins and also how they enjoy playing with him, even thought there might be hard sometimes to share since there are two of them and only one MT 😉

We baked buns and ate a bunch of them. The children were out for a long while (at least my MT was, he loves the outdoors…) and MT got to borrow one of the girls little bike. For a while there I was afraid it would stuck to him perminally, but finally he got of the bike and had fun with a ball and in the sandbox.

Oh did he have fun 2 Oh did he have fun 1

We drove home far to late and we arrived home after midninght. MT was easy to get into bed and I enjoyed some minutes to my self in front of my laptop 😀

So, TAKK FOR OSS, Benedicte – hope to see you soon!!

flashing blue lights..

It’s one of my biggest scares, while I’m out driving, to be the first one at a car accident. Today I met two blue-blinking cars on my way home; either ambulances or police cars is my guess. It got me thinking: here I am driving along, it’s kind of late, it’s dark and I have no electric torch in the car. I have my cell phone, though, but still…. What would I do, or rather what could I do if I happen to see a car accident around the next corner of the road??!

It’s a scary thought. And even though I think I wouldn’t loose my head completely, I find it hard to remember much of what I learned in the first aid class I had to take before I got my license oh so many years ago. Some day in the future I will find my self in the need of that knowledge, either on the road (or with my child) – think it’s time to join a new first aid class. It might come in handy and it can’t hurt much to learn again!!

Do you ever think about this things while driving along? Maybe there is a few things we always should bring in the car… or maybe it just isn’t safe to try while being alone and female?! (in Norway the law demands that we stop and help if we are the first at an car accident, by the way!)

Well, that was my trip back home….. I’m safely home, my son is too; no car accidents today either. Thank God!

Drive safe friends!! 😀

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