out of bandwidth..


Sorry for being “closed” for a few days. I just ran out of bandwidth and didn’t want to spend more money on this when there only were a few days left of the month… (but now I’ve changed the space available between this domain and some others, so I’m able to blog here on the last day of April – too bad it took me some time to figure out that this was an opportunity). Anyhow….

We’re back home again. It’s good!! 😀 It’s great 😉
Not that being home with my family weren’t nice. It’s just good to be in my own house and garden. Being home. I think MT feels the same way as well. There was no way of getting him to bed, the night we arrived, before he had played with his toys a little and ridden around on his little tractor for a while….

See you all around!

freetime; missing broadband

So this is what I’ve been doing the last few mornings:

Getting out of bed (after MT been bugging me for an hour or two), taking off PJ’s and putting on new clothes on my son (and my self) and then unlocked the front door and telling my son to run over to his grandparents house. It’s so great that he now is able to reach up to their door and open it himself! I watch him while he runs and make sure he’s inside their house before I’m having some minutes to my self, reading a little and taking a little trip out on the www. It’s a great way to start my day. And it’s great that my parents bond with MT in this way. And MT, he’s just loving it too 😀

But I’m getting majorly frustrated by this dial up connection to the internet, not only do I hug my parents phone, but it’s also so slow that I sometimes use several minutes waiting for a page to load. Now I’m actually wondering if I’m going to pay for a broadband here. That way I can get on www whenever I want without worrying if they are going to use the phone or if someone is trying to call them and only get’s the busy signal. And, off course, I can do what I want so much faster (even with the slowest edition of broadband). Off course it will cost me some, but so do this dial up (I pay for it). And the best thing is that I’m able to read my favorite blogs and keep up with flickr, now I don’t even try to use flickr since it takes forever to load. And I ususally doesn’t read all the blogs I want to and certanly doesn’t comment as much as I want, for the same reason (takes forever to load page).

The cheapest version I’ve found is 300 Norwegian kroner or about $50.
Is it worth it?!?!

Monday madness

5 things… 😆 Monday Madness

Name 5 Things that:

1. Make you smile:
my son MT, my friends, a beautiful view, romantic comedies, people walking into things (like poles, telephone boxes and such…)
2. You can see on your desk right now:
candle light, chocolate, bills, book and magazines, pens
3. Kept you busy this weekend:
my son, my cousin’s wedding, driving to the wedding and back, sleeping the wedding and driving off, coloring my hair at home all by my self…
4. You’ll be doing this coming week:
celebrating MT’s 3rd birthday, visiting my friend Siv, saying “good bye” and “see you later” to family, driving back home to Sogn, watering my plants (the ones that still are alive..) when I get back home and tidy up a bit, I guess
5. You’ve said to make someone else smile:
this one’s a hard one, usually I don’t use word to make people smile I just make a funny face or use funny sounds, sometimes I only have to laugh a little…. But off course I usually get a smile in return whenever I say: “what a good boy you are” and “you do this really well” to my son.
So let’s just say that that together is five things I do to make people smile!

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