Thursday Thirteen #7

This Thursday I give you Thirteen Things that is happening in (or around) my life just now….

  1. Yesterday was 17. mai, or May 17th for most of you guys.. The Norwegian constitution was signed May 17 1814 in the town of Eidsvoll and is the historical background for the celebration of Norway’s national day. Usually I’ve celebrated the day by having two or three services in churches around here. This year, however, I’m home with my child and am able to be a part of the celebration like any other citizen of this town. It was great! (see post below this one for photos) And even though I was part of an group responsible for some of the preparing and program, I did not attend any meetings beforehand and had only one responsibility: To help the children sing at the beginning of the program. In the beginning I was frustrated of them putting me in one of the groups; since this is my only year at home with my son – and the only year where I can be there with him (and not away other places having services…) – so I didn’t want to be away from him one minute of the day… But this I took there and then. Thankfully I knew the songs 😉
  2. MT’s birthday celebration for some of his friends here, took finally place this week. It’s almost a month since he turned 3, but we weren’t here, so a little bit late, but nice!!
  3. One of the ferries is at strike, or rather some of the employee on board.. It’s strange and so silent now that the one ferry still in traffic don’t do at nights and doesn’t start until 9 am. Last Sunday the queues were several kilometers long, at the worst, but the ferry ended the traffic across the fjord at 10 pm like in a normal day (since they are two ferries, the other one usually continues until midnight and even some trips in the middle of the night). There were some angry and frustrated drivers around! But also understanding for the strike. Most of the ones left behind were truck drivers with beds ready, so not so bad for them.
  4. I was so proud of my self mowing the lawn so early in May, but now the grass is growing so fast – it’s about time to mow again. But the rain won’t stop coming down…….. It’s going to be so high and so tuff to mow it with my little land mower. Don’t like that!!
  5. On a more positive note the whole garden is blooming. It’s so beautiful, green and colorful. I love it!!!
  6. Last Friday we catch up with some friends we haven’t seen in like forever (since February) we’ve missed them so much, but different happenings both on our and on their side have kept us apart. It was so nice to see them all and to watch how the children played together. So I hope, dear Benedice, it won’t take another 3 months before we’ll meet again!! 😉
  7. My house is in desperate need of some cleaning up; like it always is. Sigh!!
  8. The last two months it has been tight around here financially. Not a lot of big bills, but so many small ones and then all the trips to Telemark – and the pricing for gas these days (around 12 kroner pr liter or about 2 $ pr liter) can drive anybody to bankruptcy. Hope it’ll be better next month though, I’m dying to buy some clothes for the summer both for me and the boy.
  9. I’m reading books again, at last. Since I adopted MT my days have gone so fast, but finally I’m back on track with my book reading. This month I have read 3 books already. When I read? Well in bed before sleep and in the bathroom or if I’m stuck waiting for MT for some reason… So I’ve got some late nights, but so far I’ve survived with only a few tired-out-of-my-mind days. I really enjoy the books and do want to tell you about them, as soon as I get around to it.
  10. The garden is as before told a big project. Usually I don’t get around to do much, so it’s kind of not well kept….. I had big hopes for this summer to make it more well kept and then easier to keep up next year. Well, here is hoping. Out side there is not much of an result so far…. sigh!
  11. I have a photoblog that I rarely use any more. Most of my photos goes right to Flickr and I feel that is a good enough photoblog as any. Lately I’ve been spammed down at this photoblog. Each time I get a new email I also get notified of a new comment with spam in it. I’m so tired of this and since I’m not using that photoblog that much anymore I’m going to remove it. So there you go, I’m spammed out of my own photoblog….
  12. My yellow and also favorite bush is blooming. Too bad the rain is streaming down. I love the smell of it and I so want to sit on my verandah and enjoy it and a coffee!! Stop raining now, please :s
  13. I’m a member of the committee of this area’s little brach of the Norwegian Seemans Church, this Saturday we’re having our yearly meeting. It’ll be nice to see them (have been out of this for a while since MT came into my life). But it’s an whole day and even though I might enjoy it – my guess MT will get tired after few hours. So as a start I pack a bag full of things for him to play with and something for him to eat and drink. And hope it’s all over by the time the bag is empty….. (fat chance).

So there…. I got things to do 😀
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11 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #7

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  2. Karen says:

    we’ve been gettin lots of rain, too. finally some sun today! and guess what? need to mow. set the hubby on that when he gets home… busy list!

  3. HolyMama! says:

    mmm. i love all the talk of gardening. what are you growing? i’ve always go the easy route, with daylilies and irises and easy, easy perennials.

  4. Debi says:

    We’ve been getting lots of rain too. We were just commenting at work today how the grass is getting high. Our vendor that cuts our lawn (for work) hasn’t been here in a while.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Elle says:

    Rain, rain and more rain here too. I have *got* to get out and sort my garden this weekend!

    Hope you had a great TT
    Elle x

  6. susan says:

    happy Belated Birthday to MT!! Oh Im glad the garden is blooming beautifully but sorry that u had to mow the lawn though :) happy thursday!

  7. Faith says:

    I love your blog!! Thanks for visiting mine! I have a little man that we adopted last year. He is 15 months old now. There are various posts about the adoption etc. and some pics too. Take a look, if you get a chance and so desire.

  8. deb says:

    Anne, hi! I bet your garden is spectacular! We’ve mowed today, too…well, Scott mowed – I supervised lol!
    *hugs* Thanks so much for dropping by today. It’s always soooo good to “see” you!

  9. anneberit says:

    Thanks everyone for wonderful comments on this TT, my garden is still a mess, though. And there has been too much rain for any mowing, so I’m getting a little bit desperate now… 😉

    Enjoy your week!!

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