almost back home….

So I did make you a promise to return, some nights ago, it never happened – sorry!! I kept trying to log on, but the signal from the wireless connection at the camping place was just too weak. Sadly :(

I so could use some hours online at that time, but after 30 minutes trying I shot the computer off and went to bed!

Now we have spent a couple of days with my brother and family, living in tents and in the water….. MT love to “float” and keep telling us “see, I’m swimming!!” He isn’t, but it’s still cute. Even I got to swim a lot. Haven’t done it for so long, so I’m a bit rusty. But I do love it!!!

Soon we’re back home with my parents, that will be nice after 10 days on the road… Ah, I love this looooong summer vacation!!!

We’re having so much fun!!

We’re on our second vacation, or how to say it. Since last Friday we’ve been far south in Norway, close to Kristiansand. Most of the time we’ve stayed with some friends of ours, but yesterday we said goodbye and went looking for someplace to try out camping life… 😉

MT slept good and long, even though we didn’t blow up our madras (didn’t have anything to blow it up with – soon we’re going shopping!) One really good thing about this place is that I can buy time on it’s wireless Internet. So that’s why I’m out here!!!

Tonight I plan to tell more about our days and to load up a bunch of photos to flickr. Maybe I even get time to visit some of you, I miss stopping by and reading!!!! I think that’s the only thing I miss by the way, as I said: we’re having a great time!!!


Fresh update

DSCF3390 I’m on vacation. Spending most of my days without broadband or Internet connection (almost, have a real slow line from time to time….like now).

We’re having a wonderful time and have meet and visited a lot of friends and family. This is our last months before I’m back at work and MT starts kindergarten, and I’ve decided to make the most of it. I’ve written before about our long trip to my parents farm. With stops and visits along the way, and even two days spent with my brother and family. I’m so glad we were able to make that trip, and also happy that MT got to meet and see some of my past and then spend some days away from home with his favorite cousins too.

The last two weeks or so has been spend here at my parents farm. MT has had fun helping Grandpa and following him around. He’s found his very special place in the sand box and even attempted some bathing in his new pool. It’s good to be here with family and to relax a bit.

DSCF3431 DSCF3382 DSCF3399
Last Friday we celebrated my 35th birthday with barbecue and cakes under our big pear tree. It was so great to be together with family and friends on my day once again (last time was my 30th birthday). I’m going to upload photos from that day to flickr soon, so keep an eye on that one. Sadly I’m, at the time being, only able to upload the photos without any descriptions or such. Hope to be able to do some of it before our vacation ends in early August, but can’t make any promise…. It’s a mess :( I’ll be busy tidying up there undtil next year, I’m afraid…
Today MT’s aunt Helen visited us with her children. And they and we had such a great time together. I’m so glad I got to spend it like that instead of cleaning my house, like I planned, lol. 😀

But one surprising thing happened today, if I should have guessed I never would have guessed this: one really old and dear friend of mine stopped by to say a short hello! (And to bring me a gift I should have given to my brother and SIL for their wedding years and years ago. I should have visited her a long time ago, but have never gotten around to it…) I’m still not quite over it and won’t be for a while. She and her family are staying at a camping place some kilometers from here, but I just can’t run from a sleeping MT to be with them; and also I don’t know her family and can’t just crash their “party”. Even though I really want to!

It’s about 8 years since we had any contact outside our yearly letter for Christmas. I’ve been planning to go see them this summer, so to see her here was just amazing. Off course the trip to see them is cancelled for now, since they are on vacation for the next 3 week or so, but I hope to see more of them some time later this year. Why we lost contact for so long, I’m not sure. But I guess most of it was because we were in different places; she living lots of kilometers away, me starting working as a pastor and her starting family life – and working too. Hopefully this is a new start, and since she has a girl at 7 yr and a boy at 4 yr we have more than past memories to talk about.

DSCF1863It’s time for bed. Hope you all have a wonderful summer. I promise to read up on blogs in August and to leave more comments then, now it takes forever to do that – so mostly I read, sometimes….

Gods blessings and warm hugs to all from me!

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