going home…

DSCF4019 I’m visiting my brother and family again, and as you see; I can’t resist using their broadband 😉

We’re having our last days of vacation and will return to our home sometime next week. So by the end of the month things might go back to usual around here in LIME world!!! I soooo miss reading your everyday stories and look forward to read up on them as soon as possible; it might take me some time to read them all, though….

It has been great to spend time away. And we have done so many of the things we wanted to do and met so many of our family and friends. I highly recommend 7 weeks of vacation to anyone, – it really lets you relax and rewind!!!

But now we both really want to go back home. August 21th will MT stat his “life” in kindergarten and a month later I’m back at work full time. I’m so glad to have some time to get everything ready for a busier life and I guess the 3 weeks home alone (with MT at kindergarten most of the day) will go fast like a wind!! Our lazy life’s going to change, but I’m so glad for all the days we’ve spent together, so far, and there is no doubt in my mind that it’s been important days for both of us. We really needed to find this connection and trust; and to grow together as a family. It’s still a work in progress, but we’re ready for the next faze 😀

Anyhow, this is a hug from me; and I’ll be back soon with new stories to tell. Hopefully I get time to write some more about out vacation later, since I really do want to tell!! Jump over to my flikr to look at some of our vacation photos, later I’m going to add descriptions as well.


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