We’re back home 😉

Time is flying by, so sorry for no update even though the broadband is working just fine… I’m trying to get into the habit of blogging again after several weeks not doing it. And for some reason it takes some time… It might be the beautiful weather we’re having, though… :roll:

Since it’s Sunday we have been to church. Or, to be honest, we haven’t… but there was service, only not in any of the churches. Every other years we meet up with our neighboring congregation in the south-west for a “outdoor” service at the beautiful and special place of Finden. I’ve been there a couple of times before, but this were MT’s first time. He loved the boat trip and the water, the two baby dogs he could have been without (since they jumped up on him and “attached” him as an hello…) – but other than that; a beautiful day!! MT even had a lot of boys to play with, two of them at his own age, then one a little younger and three older.

DSCF3356I caught up with old friends and enjoyed the day as well. And since I’m also a farmer (kind of; as in the future) I’m amazed about the way these people have worked to make this a beautiful place to share with us who visits and stays for shorter or longer period; as well as an living goat farm.

I’ll be back; until then: have a great week!!


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