I want to be there for a loooong time, Mummy!

yippi, kindergarten!

For a second there I did not know how to spend all the hours ahead of me!It was amazing to be on my own again AND knowing that someone took good care of my son at the same time. It was only 3 hours, but it felt like 30. After that second, the hours went like 3 minutes, off course, but I still got time to shop and read and enjoy a little alone time. It was great and quiet; I even missed him a little at the end.

up the stairs... Getting him home was another matter. I thought that, this being his first day and all, I had to come and get him early. He, on the other hand, felt I came far to early – so no hug for mummy. Instead he screamed his head out and was sad and angry because he had to leave. Poor kid; he got to spend a long time in kindergarten today, though!

Today I had over 5 hours to my self, and even though it went just as fast I can see that I actually got something done. I even started a project out in the garden!!

yippi kindergarte, here I comeI’m so glad for the fact that MT enjoys to be in the kindergarten. I’m so glad that I still has another month to be at home getting everything up and running again before I have to head out to work again. Yea!! I might even get a tidy home; for a little while at least 😉

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