Birthday party and more..

4 cake

pushing a bit..

Last Tuesday some of our best friends had their 4th birthday. Yesterday we got invited to party with their family and friends. As usual the children “clicked” and enjoyed each others company so much that not once where there crying ( I think that’s a first, by the way).

This family is some of our dearest friends and even though it is over 1 hour drive from us we see each other regularly (but not every week off course). In a few months they are expecting their third child and B will be at home for about a year. In a way it would be nice if she should carry on with work since she’s a colleague of mine, but it’s also nice to know that we can come and visit them without worrying about her going to work or have to prepare for something….if you take my drift. Sometimes it’s so good just to escape and go a place where nobody cares that I’m the pastor 😉

crown smileAnyhow, we’re taking it slow today. I’m still a lot behind on catching up with thing both in my surroundings online and offline… Bear with me please.

Ever since MT got here I’ve had 80 % pay, and even though I know I can make it it’s hard to stretch the money to both food and fun 😉 So I’ve been looking online to see if there are ways to earn some money at least to cover my online spending…. I have no idea what will work, but we’ll see.. any good ideas in this apartment is highly appreciated!

crown boy MT’s loving kindergarten. When I ask him what he’s doing there he answers with a smile: PLAY! He sure loves to play. I hope he’ll continue to love being there, since he has to be there when I go back to work. Or else there will be no food on the table…so to speak! But I think he will.
Hehe, just as I type this he comes in the door asking for permission to go and play soccer with his friend and an older brother. But off course 😀

Lastly a few more photos from the party:

fishing for candy getting it off the hook a mysteri egg

Since yesterday also where B and T’s 6th wedding anniversary; Congratulations!!

the parents; 6 yr anniversary..

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