Monday Madness; august 28th

Monday Madness

1. Do you do dishes by hand or do you use a dishwasher?
I loooove my dishwasher!!
2. How many people have your cell phone number?
A lot of people, mostly friends and family but also work related contacts.
3. Do you shower in the morning or at night?
In the morning, my hair gets so wet and I don’t like to sleep on a damp pillow…
4. Do you ever have a song ‘stuck’ in your head?
Sometimes is the song played on the radio in the morning when I wake up hard to get rid off….
5. Do you pay your bills when they arrive, or do you wait until closer to the due date to pay them?
I usually wait until the due date is today or yesterday or something. I’m terrible slow!
6. Are you obsessive about anything in particular?
My mum thinks so…..about the web, hehe, but I don’t agree.
7. What one thing would you say you have a zero tolerance for?
Hitting and mean teasing. Oh yea, I’m a parent….

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