Thursday Thirteen #15

Being back working as a pastor gives less time to blog. But it never makes a dull moment and there is always a surprise coming, good or bad.


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Right now
- this is my life –

  1. I’ve started working again, full time.
  2. It’s no time for a slow start.
  3. The third day at work I had to deliver the hardest message you ever can hear. A young man got killed, together with a police officer I went to the family. My heart and prayer goes out to the them!
  4. Next week I’m in charge for the burial service. He only got to be 35 yr. As old as me.
  5. Today we had an open meeting for the congregation about the coming changes in the church structure and relationship to the state of Norway (sooooo different from US!)
  6. I only had one day to prepare, but it went okei. A lots of different opinions on the matter, though. So a tuff one, the church council are going to answer the hearing sometimes soon.
  7. MT fall asleep while I were talking about this; thankfully nobody else….
  8. Coming Sunday I’m having my first service in a year. In the same place as the last one (!) I look forward to it, but whish my sermon was written. I’m taking the next couple of days off….
  9. My house is a mess, tomorrow is cleaning day! I’m going to take it easy though, and do as FlyLady tells me ;)
  10. I laugh out loud of DVD’s I’m watching or books I’m reading. Even though I’m all alone in the house.
  11. I can drive car quite well. It’s a hobby of mine, so to speak. My father has used me as proof when he tells his students (mainly boys) that also women can drive. That I’m proud of!
  12. MT’s enjoying the kindergarten, but I miss him. Now he wants to go home with me everyday and look forward to Saturday, our day together.
  13. I don’t feel so bad about the chaos-baluba of last Tuesday. I prepares to make changes, though. So everyone can have a good time. ME included!

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I’m writing to yoou from my bed; my wireless connection is finally plugged in :D

So far it’s unprotected, though, haven’t figured out how to code it yet. It belonged to some friends of mine, so it’s a few years old, but still functions perfectly! Yeay :mrgreen:

The Weekend

at the rocky beach 7 Marked off our week as the last one with me a SAHM and my boy only at kindergarten because he like it there. Things are going to change around here. Hopefully I still get time to write a bit about our life and my thoughts and such. Maybe I even get more time, since we’re not going on vacation all the time ;) Hehe….
Anyhow, the weekend was a good one. The weather were great, and so was the company.Saturday we spent at home, mostly outside. MT played with our neighbor E (5 yr) and I cut a bit of our overgrown lawn (if the rain will stop anytime soon I might take the rest of the lawn later on but it’s mighty high so only a little a time or else my shoulders won’t work at all…..). In the middle of the day we went to a rock beach a bit west of us. E came with us and the boy had a great time (mostly) throwing stones in the water and explore it all. On the way home we bought ice cream!
driplets with view at the rocky beach 13 having a break stripy stones 2
In the evening MT went nicely to bed knowing that the next day he would see his favorite twins.prayer stone 1 I used some of the evening to make “prayer stones” for the Confirmants. We use the stones in church. Usually just in silent prayer whenever I (or others) pass the place where they are placed on the altar table. During service I usually lift up each stone and prays a silent prayer for each of the confirmants (each stone has one of their name). Sometimes we also use it more actively in the service. I hope the Confirmant both feels and knows that the church/we remember them in our prayers.
Sunday we went north, first to a service in Førde church, then to our good friends L&D with parents.crowdedThe service was a strange one. But it was nice to be there. The church was filled and we got a seat in the back of the church. It was a family service and 4 yr olds got “church books” from the congregation. A few babies also got baptized.The strangest bit about the service was the noise. Seemed like everyone talked, not only those that were supposed to. It filled the church, but we still could hear the pastor and youth worker, though. new friends at churchThe line of 4 yr old looked like it never would have ended (but it did(!)), and the sermon was for unknown reason not directed against the children in focus. (It was a nice and well written sermon, but only suited for those above 9/10 yr old. I don’t even think MT understood any of it…..but then he was happy playing with newfound friends ;)
The rest of the day we spent with the girls and their parent. We had such a good stay!! We barbecued and ate outside in the warm sunshine. holding hands 4 After dinner T and I went down to the fjord with the children (the village has made a beautiful beach down there!), while B got some rest (she’s pregnant with under 1,5 month left). It was so beautiful down by the beach and the children had great fun in the water. Off course they (and by they I mean MT) got a bit too wet before T bought ice cream and we went back to their house.water station 3 water's good no, not the pants... I'm coming soon trowing stones in water.. drying with smile the beach of N. MT and ice cream
We stayed to 8:30 pm, a bit later than I wanted – but we had such a wonderful time!!
Our weekend, a perfect one ;)

Going crazy…….

They are going to drive me crazy!!

Today we started up again with Baluba, our church’s Sunday school on a Tuesday(!) And it was a mess. Just a few used their ears to listen and with eight boys from 3 – 8 yr it was impossible to hold on to them all at once ;) I was actually happy to see them leave at the end…..

When we finally got home I was totally exausted, frustrated and angry. This is not something I want to happen again. So now I’m trying to figure out how to avoid it next time (if any of them dare to come again, it can’t have been so funny for the children either).


So please share with me super ideas to keep the children focused on the topic and not on making noise or fighting each other!! I can’t take another night like this….help!

This is one of my favorite parts of my work, and I don’t want it to not be!

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