Photo Friday; Silver and a night in the church..

From a beautiful snowy day 21

This photo was taken last November, a silvery snowy day.


Speaking of photos, I just realised that I haven’t shot a photo since last week!!! Man, I got to get a grip on my self. Just because MT is in kindergarten doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to take pictures of……

Anywho I guess I get to use my camera tonight. I’m starting the Confirmation year with a sleep over in the church. I’m not really back working, but we had to do this before it’ll become to cold at night. We call this night Silent Sleep in the Church. The youths are not there to have a slumber party, they are there to get to know God. And what better way than to sleep and breathe in the holy presens… I usually tell them that this church is a special place, it’s holy. Holy means it’s different from all else; in other word it has to do with God. God is not limited to the church, we can talk with him and meet him all over the world even in the most hidden places. But the church is build to create a meetingplace for us; where we meet each other and where we, together, meet God.

I will lie down and sleep in peace,
for you alone, O LORD,
make me dwell in safety.

The Confirmants are not allowed to talk among them selves. The night is going to be silent, the room shall speak by it self. Many find it difficult to handle, I understand that. But after some minutes most of the youths enjoy their little silent time, they don’t have to many of those. And off course, they are not alone – we are silent together!!

Thankfully my good friend B and her husband A are going to sleep over in our house to be there in case MT wakes up. I’m not going to actually sleep in the church this year, just be with them until everyone (or almost) are sleeping. Then I’m heading home to sleep in my own bed a few hours before I return in the morning to wake them up and send them home.

But first: I’m going to clean 😉

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