tired and pizza…

yellowYesterday was a slow day. I was soooooo tired!!! 4 hours with sleep are not enough, so I landed on the sofa after a while trying to have my eyes open. Thankfully let MT me relax for a while, but off course he had his limits for how long that rest of mine should be… ๐Ÿ˜‰

don't mess with me!! So we decided to go for a walk. And what a smart idea that was. I think it made me more awake and relaxed that the hour on the couch, and MT was happy with it too; no matter how he looks on this photo!

On the way home it started raining so we got a bit wet, but there was no way MT could not throw rocks in the fjord. So I waited under a tree… When we finally got inside our house and found some warm clothes, the sun shone again….


In the evening we made pizza. A real simple one, at least I think so. It’s been a long while since last time we made pizza, before MT came I usually had it once a week and then I ate leftovers for breakfast (and lunch and dinner…) the next day. I often made it Friday and Saturday to make the Sunday morning food-ing easy to handle…. We’ll see how it’ll work when I’m back at it again. The taste made me want to make it again, that for sure ๐Ÿ˜€ And since it tasted so good, here are the receipt:


400-500 gram of minced meat DSCF1339
1 onion
1 chili (after taste..)
1 carrot (grated)
1 box (small) of tomatoes
a little bit of sugar and a hint of lime to balance the tomatoes
salt and pepper to taste

corn and grated cheese to drizzle over before I put it in the own


500 ml wheat flour
1 package of dry yeast (50 gram)
salt (just a little bit)
olive oil (after taste – makes the dough easier to handle and better tasting..)

The dough needs about 30 minutes of “growing” – the topping about the same cooking. The carrot-trix I learn from a friend of mine. It gives moister and a little bit of sweetness and when you add the tomato it’s just disappears and looks like the meat. I usually just put a bit of oil in a pan (big enough for my stove) and then knead the dough out using just my hands (directly in the pan). Then I fill with the topping, usually I don’t use all of it and then top it off with corn (since they are my sons favorite greens) and cheese. A lot of cheese. I bake it in the own for about 30 minutes on 200ยค Celsius.

And then we ate ๐Ÿ˜€

light over barn

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