Thursday Thirteen #14


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This is me
– on the positive side –

  1. I do smile a lot and have a positive attitude to life, most of the time.
  2. I have had hard times but God, and a strong will, got me through. I still need both God and my strong will.
  3. The greatest thing in my life was to become a mother for MT, he was so wanted. He made everything worth while.
  4. I work with something I love for a living and use my self a lot in what I do and say in addition to the Bible and our faith.
  5. Being raised as the oldest at our farm sits deep in me. I feel both a duty and a will to take over and bring the farm one generation further.
  6. Even though I talk a lot I can listen quite good and be quiet.
  7. I haven’t forgotten how it was to be a child, youth and teenager.
  8. A sunny day is my favorite, but a windy day can also make me long outside.
  9. I laugh out loud of DVD’s I’m watching or books I’m reading. Even though I’m all alone in the house.
  10. I can drive car quite well. It’s a hobby of mine, so to speak. My father has used me as proof when he tells his students (mainly boys) that also women can drive. That I’m proud of!
  11. I can sing, and my voice is nice. Sadly I’m out of practice (no choir here) so I can’t reach the high notes as good as before.
  12. I don’t mind having time on my hand and can being alone and quiet. I’m not a restless person.
  13. I feel loved by God, my family and friends, and I can love them back. Knowing that God loves me unconditionally through Jesus is the foundation of my life, and my faith.

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Happy Birthday, L-E

Happy birthday - on Thursday! MT’s favorite babysitter has her birthday today. She’s turning 16, and we’re travelling to Førde to whish her a


In other word, my TT (Thursday Thirteen) will be late……

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