Thursday Thirteen #16

  1. For a long while I thought the fall would never come.
  2. Then it came.
  3. Now I can see yellow leaves everywhere I turn and the colors around us is just so beautiful.
  4. It’s still a bit early for the red leaves, there has to be some freezing cold nights for that wonder to happen. The read leafe above is from last year.
  5. Speaking of early; this fall isn’t!! Usually the leaves starts to fall off the trees about one month earlier than what happened this year.
  6. MT had his feet in the water late September and it wasn’t even cold.
  7. Then we went and bought ice cream and ate it outside!
  8. I’ve used a bit of firewood so far, I’ve been good….
  9. In the fall everything starts up again in this place. I think November is filled with things to attend and do every weekend, and many evenings too. Most places they start up early September or something and don’t have to cramp it all in in one month…… Historically it has to do with this being farmland. The farmers where busy, busy, busy until about now. It makes sense, but still feels strange after 4 years of living in this place.
  10. I love the colors of fall, the red up in the high mountains are just fantastic. And I’m not a read lover…
  11. If I ever do get married my favorite time of the year is early October when the air is crisp and clear; at least that’s what it is most years.
  12. I don’t mind the fall rain if there is sunshine in between. MT loves the raining and runs outside to collect water in his buckets.
  13. Fall is also the season for first snow. I love to watch the first snow falling down. Sadly I’m living a little bit to far west and far to close to the coast, so the snow never stays for long. But what a joy when it’s here! I guess it’s going to fall this season as well, but maybe not on this side of new years….


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For his and mine one year anniversary of becoming familily (october 4th) he got a new cap, a one of a kind too. I love the colors and he loves the stripes. I love his eyes and he loves to have fun!

peek-a-boo beautiful

coocking dinner for the Bishop

Hehe, all the things you got to do while being a pastor… :dizzy:

Next week, from Wednesday to Sunday our Bisoph is going to visitate our congregations. We’ve already done a lot of preparing and now only have the details left (okei, the details take some work too, though…). Today I’m taking a vacation day and now my stew is boiling behind me. I’m going to serve the Bishop elk-stew and so far it smells delicious. Two days ago I cut the meat into dices, then I put them in a bowle with some marinade of wine, onion, garlic and spices. Earlier today I took the meat out of the marinade and dried each piece a bit (took forever!) and the burned it brown in some butter/oil – and now it’s boiling good behind me with some added spices, chili (but of course, you are in my house now) and some water. I’m going to let it boile at least one hour and then it’s going into the freezer after it’s cooled down. When I heat it up again I’m going to add a bit of youghurt (with taste of berries from the forest) and some cream – don’t you want to visit me too??!! 😮

Yesterday I discovered that I can’t find the cable I need to upload the photos from my camera and to my computer. So no new photos here for some days. Hopefully my father can find it at the farm (were I used it last) – or I put it into our suitcase without thinking. Mum and Dad are coming to help and visit on Friday so I left the suitcase with them when we traveled back here last Sunday (easier on the train). I just have to wait – even though the fall has started to show some colors and I have some really cute photos of MT that I wanted to show… Blah!

Thinking of Blah!! Yesterday I also looked for the cheapest way to travel to North-Norway. And even though I could find prices that wasn’t bad – I still had to pay about the same as a if we should fly to New York (!!) And the rental car cost only a little under 1000 kroner (or about 155 US$ or something like that), no way I can afford that for two weeks so now I’m looking for other options. Good thing I have the time on my side for a change!!

Just tasted the stew – this is promissing; finally I can impress some important people. LOL 💡

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