boating out of here…

MT’s happy bathing upstairs, I can hear him well all the way downstairs – he’s playing with his bath toys and with the bubbles in the water. So much has changed, I remember the first time I put him in a bath over a year ago – he did not like that at all!! ;)

Soon we’re heading north. MT and a bunch of church workers, I guess my boss figured that allowing MT to join us was the best way to make sure I joined the team. And he’s right about that! Anyhow it’s going to be a job keeping MT busy, hopefully I’m able to hear and take part in some of the events…..

Thankfully we are going by boat, so it’s going to be a good start for MT; he loves boats and off course the one that goes fast… I’ve been told that the place is beautiful, so I’ll bring my camera. Hoping for a good shot, I’ve been a lacy photographer lately.

About time to get MT out of the bath; see you around!

sp@m overload…

So, what’s going on with Akismet for the time being? I’ve been getting a lot of sp@m-comments for approval, even though they are obviously sp@m and usually just killed off by the program. Anybody know why?! My delete-button is tired – and my inbox have to much sp@m already! :roll:

Long weekend back home

We’re back east with my parents. Good to see them all, it’ll be a while before we’ll see them again. With winter and Christmas time coming, work is busy and the driving back home is less fun if it’s storming…… The plan is to drive back tomorrow, we’ll see if the weather permits that!

See you around…

MT says..

so great to be at Grandma's

MT: You are mama-dunk!

me: oh?!

MT: Or, no, he he, you are light!

me: how so?

MT: You are light because you are kidding!!

LOL – so there! There is always an answer with this boy ;)

this morning and an invitation

blurry smile This morning I went into my LIME to make a small update. Or rather, I tried…. My host’s database server has been down today, so I couldn’t, and after logging into my cpanel and seeing no databases at all – I got a bit scared(!) – I only hoped that it was because of the that (above) was the reason for this. And since I’m sitting here writing you now, you see that that was in deed the reason. It would have been nice if my host had told me this this morning, though…
Anyhow. I’m well and so is my son. Our bishop has left and is now busy visitating some other congregations. I’ve been so tired this week, so I haven’t had any longing to write even a letter…, but now I’m feeling better. My parents stayed here for over a week and during that time most of my woken time went to talking with them, eating and working. They left early Thursday morning, a little bit later I went to the hospital with MT for a test and then we spent the day walking around in Førde, doing a little shopping. Yesterday was my first day alone for a long time. I really enjoyed the hours and spent only a few of them doing the household work I should be doing…. Oh, well, another time. Today I’ve also kept my eyes closed to the mess and enjoyed the day with MT.But then, at around three, someone rang the door bell and we was invited to supper by a young girl on behalf of her family. At first MT didn’t want to go, and in a way I didn’t either (I had in mind a quiet evening at home with a lot of telly…). But then I decided to say YES, thanks, how nice, we’re coming. It’s not too often we get such sweet invitations; and let’s face it we’re both social creatures, my son and I. MT also came around and demanded to travel right away, it was not easy to keep him indoor for another 2 hours or so.

After a pleasant evening we now came back fifteen minutes after midnight. The supper turned out to be a great dinner with meat (sheep and pig) usually served at Christmas time. They even treated us with sweet tasting dessert and coffee. The family has three children, one of them a bit younger that MT. The boys played so well together, so I hope we’ll do this more often. He he, a good reason for me to clean up my home (!)

Now I’m going to do a bit of telly watching, like I at first planned, but soon I hear the bed’s calling as well. It’s been a long, but highly enjoyable, day. Nighty, night!!

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