boating out of here…

MT’s happy bathing upstairs, I can hear him well all the way downstairs – he’s playing with his bath toys and with the bubbles in the water. So much has changed, I remember the first time I put him in a bath over a year ago – he did not like that at all!! 😉

Soon we’re heading north. MT and a bunch of church workers, I guess my boss figured that allowing MT to join us was the best way to make sure I joined the team. And he’s right about that! Anyhow it’s going to be a job keeping MT busy, hopefully I’m able to hear and take part in some of the events…..

Thankfully we are going by boat, so it’s going to be a good start for MT; he loves boats and off course the one that goes fast… I’ve been told that the place is beautiful, so I’ll bring my camera. Hoping for a good shot, I’ve been a lacy photographer lately.

About time to get MT out of the bath; see you around!

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One thought on “boating out of here…

  1. helen says:

    It`s nice to read that he enjoys the bathing now. I hope your busy weekend will be nice, at least the two of you can stay together. And I am looking forward to see your new shots :) .
    Good luck!

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