Suddenly Advent…


So…advent is upon us 😀
I’ve had a few busy days, so I’m a bit late with the decorations – both in my house and at my lime. Sorry, hopefully I’m getting the lights up before we light another candle in our advent wreath!!

So what have we been doing?
Thursday we boated out of here. My boss had arranged a meeting overnight, and was kind enough to let me bring MT. The meeting was with all the other pastors in our area (half of the Sognefjord’s length….) and it was a good one, even thought I got tired. MT was nice and played quietly while we talked. He watched a bunch of dvd’s as well. We ate good food and slept in nice surroundings, but still – in the end I was soooooo tired that I hardly could think(!)
arriving yeay for the candy MT and the pastors rainy smile DSCF6436 coffee rush gingerbread house
It felt so good to open up our door and be home again. And off course, the boat ride back home with our express boat (a catamaran type) was a bumpy one. I can handle that quite well, most of the times – but not like MT, he had the best of times and laughed out laud when the waves made us jump up high. Silly boy 😉

We got a good night sleep, but MT woke up far to early and run down to the telly. I stayed in bed a bit longer…..
We spent the early day together, doing our things. He playing and running around. I doing some laundry and dishes and drinking coffee 😀 In the afternoon we went to our friends and joined in the gingerbread men-baking.
consentration a christmas angel non stops colors
It was fun, and MT made some real surreal decorating… he he. After we stayed for dinner, and it was so good and nice – but it became far to late :(

No wonder we were tired and a with a bit of bad temper Sunday morning, even though I tried to play nice….. Anyhow, we had a busy day. First a family service at the south side of the fjord, where four four years olds came and received a book gift from the congregation (this is tradition) and we talked about how Jesus came to us – not only as a child, but also as an adult. I brought a donkey (small one, in MT’s advent calendar of this day), a crown, some branches of a tree and a purple heart and talked about how Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey while the people sang to him like he was a king (which he off course is..):

“Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!”

We was back home at 1:30 pm and had time for a quick dinner. Then we went down to the pier to watch the Chirstmas tree be lighted. A brass band was playing and Santa was coming with presents to the children.
the band is playing Have you been good... It's mine!
MT was so happy about the big balloon that was in his bag! Then we went home to rest a bit, MT was not in a good mood. But still there was more to do that day, I had a second service to prepare and MT should be with our friends for a while and walk in a torchlight procession to the church later on. In the church the service is called “light service”, we usually have this each Advent with the confirmants being deeply involved. A lot of people attended and I got to stress the important sentence – Jesus is the light for our world!

Today we slept in. MT didn’t wake up until 9:30 am, good thing he got some sleep finally. I called the kindergarten and told them that he’s late today, and didn’t bring him there until 11 am. Now I’m just sitting here writing and drinking coffee. In a few minutes I’m going to load up some photos to go with this and drink some more coffee. Later I’m joining my friend for a little walk and talk… Tonight I promised MT to hang up our Advent starts in he window, if the rain stops we might get the outdoors light up in the tree as well.

See you around!

Update: Drank my coffee, but used to long to get the connection established with flickr to add the photos; so check back later tonight – or visit my flickr…. Now I’m going walking 😉

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