Thursday Thirteen #17

This will be a TT in a hurry. In a few moments I’m driving to our good friends one hour north of here, and every minute with them are precious. But it has been a while since my last TT and I do want to take part this week!! So here is my Adventy Thursday Thirteen:

TT; advent 2006

  1. Advent is violet
  2. Advent is the time of light
  3. Advent is the time where all the smells of Christmas is planned…
  4. Advent makes me prepare for him who came
  5. Advent reminds me that Jesus still lives and comes to us every day, only in a different manner than when he was a child and man
  6. Advent is the time I bake my favorite cookies: gingerbread man; this year I’ve promised MT a house(!)
  7. Advent is the time to be kind and share
  8. Advent is crawling up in the sofa and read a long story for MT
  9. Advent is the time to buy presents for friends and family and look forward to give them away
  10. Advent calendar is a good thing to make the time move a bit faster, if you’re a child – for adults Advent can’t be long enough
  11. Advent is the only time during the year I take time and write cards to a lot of people. I love making my own cards if time permits


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