MT had his first ever experience with St.Lucia day today. He was a star boy. And so proud of him self; so was I 😉
Lucia Lucia Lucia
I like the tradition of the day, but I wish people knew who Lucia was and that she was more than a nice person. She was a young woman with a strong belief and faith in Jesus, she dared to help those who did go into hiding because of persecution.

Here is our local little Lucia:

A few years back I wrote this little post about her……
(St.Lucia not our little girl).


When trying to access internet, – make sure the line is plugged into the wall socked before you give up trying to surf the web….

Sadly I remembered it first when I was in bed last night why I wasn’t able to log on; the night before I had removed the line because the weather forecast said thunder storm.

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