MT had his first ever experience with St.Lucia day today. He was a star boy. And so proud of him self; so was I ;)
Lucia Lucia Lucia
I like the tradition of the day, but I wish people knew who Lucia was and that she was more than a nice person. She was a young woman with a strong belief and faith in Jesus, she dared to help those who did go into hiding because of persecution.

Here is our local little Lucia:

A few years back I wrote this little post about her……
(St.Lucia not our little girl).

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3 thoughts on “St.Lucia

  1. rich says:

    Very, very cute pictures. I am curious though how the feast of St. Lucia came to be such a major tradition in Scandinavia. What is it about St. Lucia that appeals to Nordic peoples so? The Irish, in comparison, celebrate notable saints like Patrick and Brigid. But they were Irish (or in Patrick’s case intricately involved in Ireland’s history). But, according to Wikipedia, Lucia was born in Syracuse which is now part of Italy. Did she have anything to do with Scandinavia? How did her legend become so important to Scandinavians. Other saints feast days do not seem to be so highly regarded. Just fascinated by this and curious.

  2. rich says:

    Oh, I meant to say that I watched a documentary on Christmas in Europe. And part of that documentary covered Christmas in Norway. Interestingly, Rick Steves (the host), went to both Oslo and to a rural town (which I don’t recall). He went to one the oldest cathedrals in Norway to experience a girl’s choir sing of St. Lucia. Each girl held a candle…which was the only illumination in the room. But it was gorgeous! It made me wish I was there. As to the rural celebration, I don’t recall exactly what he noted other than that it was a more family oriented observation of Christmas.

    I was intrigued by Rick’s comment that Christmas in Europe overall is distinctly less commercialized. People don’t buy as many presents, for instance, and there is much less of an emphasis on that sort of thing. A friend of mine just recently moved to London. And while visiting Holland, she noticed the same thing (she didn’t comment on Christmas practices in the UK one way or the other). Well, sounds like we Americans have much to learn from our European friends! :)

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