Thursday Thirteen #18

TT; late advent 2006

  1. Write Christmas cards to friends and family
  2. Send them….
  3. Buy all the gifts to family and friends living far away and wrap them
  4. …and, off course, send them!
  5. Bake gingerbread man with friends and my boy and his friend; it’s going to be both fun and exhausting.
  6. Buy a Christmas tree for our living room, I’m not going to decorate it before December 23rd but this year I don’t want an “old” tree (that has been cut many weeks ago).
  7. Clean and tidy up the whole house.
  8. Roll candles with MT (of the honey wax kind, I’m not sure of the proper English word for this….)
  9. Buy the last of the packages for MT and friends close by. Wrap them and deliver them 😀
  10. Write sermons for the Christmas and New Year services (then I can spend all my free time with my boy; a smart move!)
  11. Make something like a wreath to hang on my front door, maybe a heart made of fresh cut branches??
  12. Buy new light bulbs for the outdoor lighting and change the broken ones(!)
  13. Make this LIME more Christmasy (it’s about time)!!!


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