meeting; again

For the third day in a row; or fourth if the Baptism do count, I’m just home for a short time after work before we’re heading out of here. It’s so tiering not to be able to spend the afternoon and evening at home at least every other day. And, boy, does the house show how my schedule is 😉

Thankfully this row of days will end tomorrow, even though I should have been at a meeting that evening as well. Sigh! Yesterday it was MT that got to go to his children-trim I know he’s tired of this life too. And since he’s been outside in the snow for most of the day, the walk to the office – and back – might put him over the edge of what he’s able to endure for now…. It’s going to be a fun night, for sure!

Anyhow, life is good, the snow’s still here and I’m not desperately hungry anymore.. And the kid? He’s sitting in the living room eating what’s left of his breakfast – I better go 😮 – it’s not like I didn’t try and offer him something else.. poor kid.


I planned to leave the meeting at about 8 pm, figured that would be an okei time to put MT into bed…. But no, we got home over 3,5 hours lather and MT got to bed really late….. Sigh!

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2 thoughts on “meeting; again

  1. helen says:

    I hope you soon will be able to have a slowly lazy day with MT. Your father visited me today, we are not sure which date you are comming “home”. I think he has got another date than you sent me by sms. ❓

  2. anneberit says:

    hehe, I’m not sure when either (yes, I am, come to think of it) 😉 Hopefully the snow will last a few days more, I hope to take MT skiing at least once more!

    I’m going to come home the last days of February, I guess from the weekend and then on to Thursday or something…. 😉

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