driving home


We finally left home at around 1:30 pm and after 14 hours we arrived at my parents house tired, but happy. I was worried about the mountain pass, but it was no problem at all. And because of the winter holidays starting this weekend it was a lot of cars everywhere. I took a few (blurry) photos, but sadly all our driving time in the snow was after dark… So I just tell you: it was a winter wonderland :mrgreen:

I took some photos, though:

DSCF8125 DSCF8126 DSCF8128 DSCF8150


Now we’re enjoying time with our family and MT is outside having fun in the snow with his cousins.

I guess this week will be less updates, sorry, but my parent do not have any broadband and the dial up is sooooo slow!!

Take care :D

Go or stay

DSCF8097 We’re supposed to drive back home to my my parents today. But it’s snowy and windy outside AND, more importantly, up in the mountain. I’m sitting here looking at the weather forecast and road reports trying to figure out what to do(!!) We have about 8 or 9 hours of driving (within this short stops are included), but if the weather is bad we’re looking at at least 11 or 12 hours – and that is a long time to be driving all by my self and a long time for MT to sit in his seat….. But then we would be there in the morning tomorrow and not late afternoon.

Right now it seems like the best thing is to wait a bit more to see if it clears a bit and then dive right into it and use the time necessary to get there….. OR NOT :o

I need a cup of coffee, and after that I’ll pack the car and then we’ll see!

Update: It’s still a bit more snow and wind than I like and we might have to spend the night i Lærdal before we cross the mountain. But we’re off!!! :mrgreen: Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Ouch and snow…

Can you believe it?! We got snow again :D Thought the white winter was about finished by now, but I was wrong. A good thing to be about this matter if you ask MT ;) He screamed of joy this morning when he discovered it, soon we’re off to kindergarten and hopefully a day outside in the snow for his part.

bubble up close I only wish I could say it was the snow that caused my fall on Monday…..
I was in a hurry and on my way to the store, on the way to my car I was to drop some garbage in the garbage tin outside so I had to turn a bit to the right while going down the stairs. I’m not quite sure what caused it, maybe my shoes or a rock in the wrong place, but suddenly I found myself crashing to the ground!!! As I fell I heard a soft snapping sound (can such sounds be soft? well, it was…) from my right foot and was half expecting to find it broken when I tried to get up again. It was not, I kind of knew that but the humbling thought of managing to break my leg right outside my door kept me from thinking straight – adding to that I was going to the store mostly for my friend who’s jumping around on crouches after an operation a few weeks ago; she was watching MT while I was in a hurry falling…. But the leg was sore and swollen. And I felt like an idiot falling like that and hoped no one saw me (it was dark, thank you very much ;)). It’s not the first time I’ve done this, but it’s been good for a while now…

Anyhow I’m trying to slow down, put the leg up high whenever I can and to concentrate on not falling again!! Right now I’m loving the automatic gear in my car. :mrgreen:

Saturday blues

DSCF7764 Saturday is my sleeping-in day. And as usual I stay in bed for a long time while MT enjoys his morning TV. As a result my head hurts and I find yogurt on the floor because MT helped himself to some food…… But it is simply impossible to get out of this one day of the week :o

The photo is from last Saturday, today is a gray and rainy day!!

I finished the application on overtime yesterday, mainly because of a server problem on their behalf, but finally I hit the send-button for real. We don’t know anything about how it’ll turn out until March 29th – so we’re hoping and praying and kind of forgetting it until then ;)!!
Now we’re off to my friend, we shall watch movie and eat pizza and just hang out together. MT’s mainly looking forward to the movie part :mrgreen:

Have a wonderful Saturday and weekend!!

soon the ship will sail!?

trusskipet Tonight, as well as most of the day and until 12:00 pm tomorrow, I have only (hehe, or should have) one thought in my head: Getting the application finished so we maybe can get some funding and new resources for our project SKIPET (the ship).

Skipet is a project for educating our children, youths and young members of our congregation about Jesus and the life as an Christian (that was the short version).a night in church 4

Now I’m so tired and plan to go to bed and get some needed sleep before our early morning tomorrow. It’ll be a race to be finished in time – but I most. So tomorrow, I’ll be the one out of bed at 6:30 am!! LOL

Wish me, and our congregations, luck and blessings
– and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday Thirteen #21




and, well, I should have been cleaning and removed some flowers before I showed you; but this is as it is and as my life is – a bit busy :mrgreen:

Enjoy TT!!!


DSCF7905 DSCF7902 DSCF7901 DSCF7915

DSCF7893 DSCF7892 DSCF7900 DSCF7895 DSCF7891


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good morning?!

waterfallGood morning to you all and happy Valentine Day to anyone who celebrates that!!!

I overslept today, so it was not a good start of the day; but now after reading a few blogs and eating a bit of breakfast I feel better. ;) The good thing is that MT only missed kindergarten by 5 minutes – even though I was out of bed only 15 minutes before we should have been there…. So now we know – under crazy circumstances we only need 20 minutes to get out of the door and in the kindergarten door :s But it’s a nicer morning when we have an hour to accomplice it. And also MT did go into the fridge for some yogurt for breakfast without asking me, a good thing today when we were in a hurry, but not so good other vice. He’s supposed to ask first!! Oh, well, it worked out fine! :mrgreen:

Anyhow, I’m supposed to be at work – so I’ll better move on!
Enjoy your day, and when I’m back I’ll tell you about how my Monday got all filled with water…

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