Finally I’m back ;)

Sorry for the absence over the last week – but sadly, and not for the very first time, I forgot to renew my lease!!! This is my second time, and I have only had this home for two years… Can somebody please remind me about this next year around February 20th??!! :dizzy:

Anyhow, we had great fun on our vacation back east. The week was a bit short, though, and we had to leave after just a few days….

This week is busy, I do have flue light (or what to call it) and the first day of the week I had to push my body to move at all, I’m better now but still a bit tired. Tomorrow we’re having our annual confirmation class sleepover or weekend, this year we’re doing things a bit easier and just have two days and one night. MT are going to join us, I do hope for good weather (it’s not going to happen..) and maybe to find him a few playmates :)

This year we’re working with the Pearls of Life in our classes and we are going to prepare a service with this as it’s main theme. I think I never have stripped a service of so much liturgy, readings, psalms and prayers (at least in it’s usual form) – but I think this is going to be a great service for all. After an opening psalm the people are going to walk through the Pearls of Life, the confirmants shall make stations for all the pearls and I have printed a scripture to read. At some of the stations we have small gifts in form of cross, heart and fish made of a kind of clay.

Now I’m going to pack our bags and sleep a little, by 9 am tomorrow we’re going to be on the ferry on our way to the south side. See you later on!!

Hugs 😀

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