a bit scared

He got me scared. “I have not been on your computer,” he said with a big smile. I couldn’t tell if he was so proud of him self for listening to me or if it was one of those moments where he says the opposite of the truth. Like when he’s farted he usually tell by his: “what’s that smell?!” -question. That I find amusing, being on my computer is not!

I had to walk him to kindergarten, before I could check. We ran late as usual, I can’t seem to be finished five minutes earlier no matter how I try – it’s annoying to always be 2-5 minutes late! Anyhow, the day is sunny and cloudy – I hope more for more sun, but it’s not to bad :mrgreen:

After starting my laptop I see that he probably hasn’t been here, so I guess he was proud đŸ˜‰ (good boy!) I guess I have to put a lock on this thing!!!


Have a great Tuesday!!

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