summer time!!?

glowing church I moved slowly this morning. Knowing I had time for it; it was still a while before we had to take the ferry. Then the phone rang! It was our church musician, he asked if I had remembered to turn my clock one hour ahead for summer time. “Summer time is that now?!“, was all I could say – and then “I’ll be taking the next ferry; bye!” And then I ran around like a crazy person trying to be finished in time, I managed, but still what was supposed to be 50 minutes of slowly moving around turned out to be 20 minutes of running….

Sadly I forgot my computer when running into and out of my office, so the power point I made on Friday was never shown. I was angry with my self for a while, but decided to stop and do the best out of everything. We got to church 10 minutes before the service should start and even though a few minutes late we started the service with a smile.

Today has been a beautiful day with sun from blue sky. And even though the wind’s been a bit cold the sun has been warm. In fact me and MT had out first dinner outside of this year 😀

green MT green MT green MT green MT

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