ice lolly & $4,011

ice lollyI can’t help but love the spring weather we’re having, now matter that most of the hours are spent indoors at work…. It’s still sun from blue sky for several days already! 😀 And even though the chilly wind is here to tell it’s not summer already, it’s lovely to feel the warmth of the sun and chill out with a little ice lolly together with my son. Today we also ate our dinner outside!

By the way, we had a great staff meeting at work today and worked out some great ideas using a creative tool called the A4. Each of us used about 15 minutes to write down our ideas, one idea for each page; then we all read through all the ideas and wrote adding ideas and such wherever we felt we had something more to say. The result was a thick envelope of sheets with ideas on. Next time we’re going to figure out if any of our ideas do work in real life – and in deed are a solution to our problem(!)

I’ll finish with a link to this site – it gave me my domains value ($4,011) – how much is your worth??!

Thanks Valerie 😉
I had fun!

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