this and that

DSCF0854 I’ve been close too, or on the computer all day, trying to figure out the right themes and plugins for some new sites I’ve (sort off) created. Together with answering to MT’s needs and hugs I feel like sleeping right now – but then I’m not sleepy – just tired!! So I stare at the screen a bit longer 😀

It’s been fun looking for new themes for WordPress. And after I’ve finished moving this blog to it’s new host I’ll maybe find a new one for LIME as well 😉 If I ever get to move all my files and databases and get them in the right order at my new house……. Help!

I still have one whole week left of my vacation – I intend to enjoy it!!
Hope the sun will shine again tomorrow, we haven’t had enough of it this summer (my vacation have been 90 % rain, 10 % sun and 0% bathing!!!! It’s BAD, I tell you.)