Lime Sloganized..

A long time ago I stumbled on this sloganize-making site. I no longer have the address to that site, but here are the outcome: Lime Sloganized!! Happy Saturday everyone 😉

  • Little. Yellow. Different. Lime.
  • You’ll Wonder Where the Yellow Went, When You Brush Your Teeth with Lime.
  • All You Add Is Lime.
  • It’s the Bright One, it’s the Right One, that’s Lime.
  • Don’t You Just Love Being In Lime?
  • It’s Lime Time!
  • There’s Only One Lime.
  • It’s a Lime Adventure.
  • Lime Is Good For You.
  • Have a Lime and Smile.
  • It’s That Lime Feeling.
  • Make Someone Happy with a Lime.
  • Don’t Get Mad, Get Lime.
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