times with friends

The above photo are from last year, the children has grown a bit since than but I had no other photo that I could use with the three of them in it…..

From Monday to Tuesday we spent 1,5 day of sun filled joy with our friends. The children had fun together, and there even was warmth enough for a bath in the see…… (at least for MT who doesn’t mind a bit cold water). We’ve talked about sleeping over and having a bit of time together; more than the usual visit on Friday afternoon. It’s been longer since the last sleep over than I intended (over one year). And far to long since last nightly chat about life, belief, work with more. Hopefully we both have gotten a bit more sleep than that night, though! :mrgreen:

We didn’t do anything special or out of the normal, just enjoyed time together (I think we both want this over the running-from-place-to-place-kind of togetherness…) So I have limited amount of photos, this time I spent my time talking and laughing in stead of hidden behind a camera (not that that isn’t a fun time spent, though).

DSCF1207 DSCF1208 DSCF1218 DSCF1224

Thank you, dear Ben 😉 We cherish the time spent with you, your husband and your three wonderful girls. Hopefully we’ll see each other soon – at least we’ll celebrate L&D’s birthday at the end of the month! And did you know, I am here for H’s birthday – I guess I (or was it we 😉 ) can take a brake from washing house and moving out 😀


And let us remember that on Tuesday August 7th D said that she should marry MT. That idea I support! 😉