DSCF2674 I’m so tired and my head are hurting – so for the first time in ages I’m heading for bed before midnight! Now I feel like I’ve almost accomplished something big 😉

Sleep tight!

dandelion more than weed

DSCF1515 I’ve been taking a few green actions lately, and this is among the things I learned today:

Of all the herb-to-weed stories, dandelion’s is by far the most dramatic. This remarkable herb was considered a necessity of life until recently. As a food, beverage stock, medicine, and dietary supplement, dandelion is unrivalled in the plant kingdom. Indeed, no other genus has stepped forward to fill the vacuum in the century and a half since dandelion’s fall. Thriving in all but the most extreme climates, with versatile reproductive capabilities that ensure survival, dandelion is everything humanity could wish for in a crop.

dandelion and boots From healer of the sick and feeder of the hungry, dandelion has been reduced to that blackest of suburban blackguards, an invader of lawns. Too bad. Its wine is known to taste like “distilled sunshine!” Read more and find a few receipts as well..

Now I’m glad for not destroying every one of those yellow sunshines in my lawn 😉 even though my neighbors are not……

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