A proud boy

My own big truck

Last Saturday the congregation said their goodbye to us and we got some very nice gifts and a lot of warming words to take with us. It meant a lot to me, whenever I see the gifts I’m going to think of them! And it also was so great that they had thought of my big boy as well. He got his very own present; a big car with radio control. Boy, did that boy smile from ear to ear 😀

we have a gift for you happy driving my car make it turn Look what I got!

Moving; day 3

This craze move is far from over.

As I thought, or feared ,I didn’t get finished yesterday. I guess the goal was a bit high. So today I’ll leave it at pack as much as I can and, most importantly, make sure that I’ve cleared all the areas that I want to show to the owner of this house tomorrow at the inspection. There is a few places that needs their attention before a new pastor is moving in!

This day is short and cut in pieces. First I have half an hour left here, then I’m going to join my old colleagues for a small service to say my final goodbye to them. And after some more moving work around 2 pm we’re leaving to visit our friends up north and celebrate H’s first year on earth! 😀 That’ll be a nice break.

Moving on!

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