Moving; day 5

colorful trees Another bright and sunny day have arrived! I really appreciate how the nature is saying goodbye by showing this western country (of Norway) at it’s very best and most beautiful!

Fall colors and glowing sunshine to brighten up another boring packing day 😉

I’m now on my last moving day when it comes to packing the place up. Hopefully by tonight (or early morning…) I have all my belongings in boxes and are ready for my brother to come here with his truck and take them all away (that will happen tomorrow – so I better get moving…). blue sky and fjord

Hopefully most of my stuff will arrive in Telemark safe and unbroken. I both look forward to and dread the days with unpacking and moving into our new house. Hopefully this two moving weeks of ours will have an happy ending and that we’ll both be ready for new challenges at our new place by then.

Moving on! 😉

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