Moving; day 6

And then the most stressful of all the moving days arrived. I didn’t even have time to write a short post about it earlier today, thing’s been that craze busy and my feet are hurting now at the end of the day!

My brother and his son arrived at 9 am this morning. MT and I went down to meet them and to drive them up in the valley (to my friend where we currently are staying) for some breakfast. That was the only thing during the day that was kind of laid back 😉

We went back down to the fjord and our house by 12 pm and then the day started speeding up. Thankfully a few of my friends here showed up to help me carry my things out to the truck and they did a great job. A super job, really! But they moved so fast and I felt like I went from surface to surface trying to clear the last bits and pieces without getting finished with the first place before I had to turn to the second and so on. By 2 pm I was starting to feel tired in my legs after all the running around, trying to stop eager carriers to carry out stuff that belonged to the house or should stay by the fjord…… I don’t even have words for how tired my legs was by 5 pm when we finally decided that the truck was fully loaded and we closed it’s door.

Please remind me, next time I start thinking about moving, that I hate moving….. I know I have to do it one or a few more times, but not in a while I hope!!

After the truck was sealed up we all went up in the valley to my friends and got treated with some delicious pizza, that felt good after a long day! Sadly (in a way, at least) my brother had to leave, to stat the drive back to Telemark, far to early – it was nice to have them here. But I know he have a busy weekend and have to deliver the truck back to his boss empty tomorrow evening! I’m so grateful for him taking time to help me with this and saving me a few bucks as well! Thanks O!! We love you.

And now, all I can do, is rest. Before we head down there to clean the place on Monday! Moving on later….. 😀

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