Moving out of here

It’s our last day.

I’ve lived here for over 5 year; MT for 2. We’re going to miss this place, the people, fjord and the ferries! But we also look forward to living at a new place, meeting new friends, having time with family and find new challenges for both of us.

Soon we’re saying our goodbyes to our friends here, in a little while we are going down to our old house and take with us what we can find room for in the car and then put the rest in boxes for our friends to bring in November. Wish I had a bigger car, though…..

Late tonight I hope we’re driving into the driveway of our new house; that’ll be nice.

Sadly there isn’t installed broad band at the new house; and I still don’t know if I can get any other solution than using the cell phone system, but I do hope for a faster one! If you miss me I might be able to update a bit over at my Lime cottage at Vox 😀 And then we always have Twitter 😉

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