wanna-be a web designer…. ;)

I’m having so much fun learning how to build my very own theme for wordpress blogs that the time is running too fast. If I intend to get out of bed in the morning tomorrow (rather: today!) then it’s better for me to walk away from the screen right about now. But I don’t want to!

If you, like me, are keen on learning a bit more about coding and making – or tweaking – a wordpress theme, there is help to be found. Right now I’m at Small Potato’s place – WPdesign – following his tutorials on how to make wordpress themes. So far, so good! Maybe I finally can make my very own lime-look and not only tweak the themes a little (or a lot!), like the current one?! Wish me luck!

Maybe one of these could be a good start for lime’s next theme:

925726_35979707 frost 767478_22115045 519033_66285712

friend over for coffee

My plan was to write a long post today about our Christmas so far, but it’ll happen later, right now I’m running around like a madman trying to get this house looking more more like a home than a disaster area. I’m not sure if I’m getting there, but at least my living room table now have a cloth on!

Jumping in the paper

Yesterday I bought a tripod for my camera, hopefully I’m able to try it out today :) A friend of mine is coming over with her two sons oat 1 and 3 years. We haven’t seen each other for a couple of years, give or take, so it’ll be fun. Hopefully the boys will find each other as well!

Sadly the snow is melting, hopefully the mild weather will go south and leaving us with a few grades chill in the air so we can keep our snow, but not freeze to death.

By the way, does anyone know where I placed the top plate for my coffee maker? It’s blue…… 

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