wanna-be a web designer…. ;)

I’m having so much fun learning how to build my very own theme for wordpress blogs that the time is running too fast. If I intend to get out of bed in the morning tomorrow (rather: today!) then it’s better for me to walk away from the screen right about now. But I don’t want to!

If you, like me, are keen on learning a bit more about coding and making – or tweaking – a wordpress theme, there is help to be found. Right now I’m at Small Potato’s place – WPdesign – following his tutorials on how to make wordpress themes. So far, so good! Maybe I finally can make my very own lime-look and not only tweak the themes a little (or a lot!), like the current one?! Wish me luck!

Maybe one of these could be a good start for lime’s next theme:

925726_35979707 frost 767478_22115045 519033_66285712

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