Contest – Spring Fling

watch out - pirateI’m having fun scrapbooking. So fun that I forget to eat and almost forgot to get MT home in time from kindergarten…… Ups.

And since I’m all new to this I decided to join a challenge posted by Valerieoff course just for fun – but there are prices 😉

Valerie created a freebie template, Spring Fling, and I came up with this layout with Pirate MT! Not very springy, come to think of it……but, oh, well, the photo is from June 2007. I used another background from Ronna Penner of and spent hours picking out colors(!) Don’t be too hard on me; I’m all new to this 8) (You may follow image link to larger image at Flickr)

This is more addicting than PackRat! Now I’ve started to dream about making scrapbook pages from Ethiopia, where I went to bring MT home from almost 3 yrs ago…..Anyone seen some nice African themed templates around?!

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anneberit (Author)


  1. valerie

    Thanks for participating Anne! You’re doing so good with the scrapbooking, and I’m excited you’ve joined me in my obsession HEEHEE!
    Let me know if I can help you with PSE, I don’t know it fully myself but I’ll try! (I remember you Twittered about it earlier today)

  2. anneberit

    Thank you so much! Just like you to let everybody win – your are too kind! 😀

    I figured out a couple of things after searching the net the other day, so now I know how to get the photo into it’s frame and how to merge it together 😉

    I love how digital scrap booking doesn’t make my house messy (more than it already is) 😉 – but I guess I’ll never get the house cleaned now…. LOL

  3. valerie

    ok well just let me know!

    Yup, me too, I don’t have to get out a bunch of supplies and sit on the floor to scrapbook anymore, or guard the scissors from E etc. 🙂

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