MT with friends

Me and MT at friendsYesterday we visited some old friends. It was so good to see them again! MT got to spend the night and most of today with them as well. Thankfully my friend took some photos of the time they spent together and shared with me :D

look what we caught!
out fishing fishing with E's dad
fishing buddies

Tonight, when he was about to sleep, MT asked: Why can’t we have sea water down by our house to swim in?! I don’t think he’ll be happy by my answer: Because we live in the inland…… And now I want water down by our house too, at least a lake….! Maybe we have to build one?? ;)

Endless Summer

This month’s new kit from Songbird Avenue is called Endless Summer.

my talents scrappedSongbird Avenue do want to make a difference by creating a new fantastic kit each month, using the best designers, and then giving away most of the income to charity. This month it’s S.A.F.E. house that gets the donation. Since Valerie made us all winners of a gift card, in the contest in late June, I bought the July kit Endless Summer and have been using parts of it for a few scrapbook pages already.

I like the colors of it, the circle shaped elements and the letters :D (to mention but a few… ;) )

frogy story favorite summer tradition

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On their Songbird Avenue blog there is a scraplifting challenge for July.

We are challenged to scraplift one of the talented designer Dani‘s pages using the Endless Summer kit.

Dani have a lot of wonderful scrapbook pages and it was hard to choose, but finally I went for this one that I found in her slide – and started to take a bunch of photos of MT for my lift.

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(Tonight I’ve searched her blog archives for this scrap page, but I haven’t been able to find it, hopefully it’s ok that I used a layout found in the slide and not in one of her blog post…. I love this one with her beautiful and photogenic daughter and her different faces and moods)

This is what I came up with inspired by Dani’s scrap page and the Endless Summer kit:

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a scrappy weekend

oat boyYesterday I spent some time doing digital Scrapbooking. It is so fun and I’ve had so little time for it lately and next week is filled with things to do as well – so I made this a scrappy weekend ;) :D :P

These are all for challenges, but the field one is also for a book I plan to make with scrapped vacation photos from this summer. I wish I had a proper camera, though, the cell phone one has it’s limits!!

pirate MT revisited my talents scrapped
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fuse out…

When we got home from our vacation trip the other day the house looked like it always do (as messy as it was when I left ;) ) – I put on the stove since we all were terrible hungry – and started to fetch our stuff from dads car while it was warming up. It wasn’t before I was about to put the pizza in the stove, but decided to put some fresh chili on it, I opened the fridge door. I smelled the problem (or maybe a whole rang of problems…), the smell was bad. And after looking around a bit in search of the smelly food, I suddenly discovered that the fridge light was off and that the fridge was silent and in fact not running. What?!

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I found some old sunset photos and wanted to make a digi scrap of them. It turned out nice, in my eyes at least. Not that pink is my color – but in a sunset it is the most beautiful and amazing thing. This is the soft and light version of pink, by the way. Love the blue and lilac, but that I always do! :)

beautiful sunset
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This day has been slow and sleepy ;) I can’t say I’ve done much, other than being with MT and washing some clothes. It’s been sunny for the most part, but there is a chill in the air that makes me not want to go bathing(!) That’s to bad because I really want to swim a bit…..

Tomorrow night or Friday we are expecting some new guests, we can hardly wait! I’m going to make the most out of tomorrow making this place cleaner and tidier. If I can manage to get out of bed that is…. :o

visits, a birthday and another scrap

looking for the midnight sun Last night we got visitors from North Norway. We haven’t seen them for too long! So nice of them to drop by on their way south :D They couldn’t stay long, but we have enjoyed last night and this day together. Since we live so far apart we seldom see each other, but hopefully next May/June we visit them up in the land of the midnight sun ;)

We also celebrated my birthday yesterday, with family at first and then adding our friends, when they arrived, we grew to a total of 20 people – so it was a busy and fun day 8)

I’ve scrapped another page; about our favorite summer tradition:
favorite summer tradition