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out riding my bike; scrap

I loved taking MT to kindergarten by bike and feet, too bad we now live to far away to do that often. I think he loved it too and he felt so big riding his bike on the road and all…. ;)

After a couple of months scrapping I’m hooked. It is soooo fun! You should try it sometime :D

One of the great thing about digital scrapbooking is that there is so much to choose from, come to papers and decoration. I’ve found several wonderful places to search, but one stands out. At Songbird Avenue it is possible both to get and to give! Each month a new beautiful and creative kit comes for sale, and most of the income are passed on to a charity of some kind. What a wonderful idea. :)

This months kit are named Change.

I’ve used it a lot this month, and today I made the above srap for the Scraplift Challenge.

The inspiration for my scraplift I found in Christy Lyle’s scrap page about her daughter, Posing Princess. I loved her blocks of paper behind the photo and my plan was to also use a image with less colors, but well, I love the colors of my photo and made the papers a bit less colorful instead ;)

a nice long weekend

Note! I wrote this a week ago, but never published it.
I’ve added the photos and finally, here it is ;) The long weekend is August 14th – 18th, 2008.

It’s not long since I came back from vacation, but it was so good to have the weekend + a couple of days, free, last week. Days that we spent with our friend, family and IKEA ;)

Thursday we chilled out at home. Or that was the plan. I had a few scrap pages to finish and it took, off course, much longer time to finish than anticipated. (I don’t know why I still think that it will only go an hour doing a page?!?!?) Suddenly (to me) we were late, so I tried to finish my scrap while cooking dinner and packing at the same time. MT got to eat the dinner all alone with me running around trying to remember the important stuff. LOL. Then we just had to run because the bus was coming; we ran down and got there right on time. Puh! But the bus was late; if I knew I could have remembered to bring underwear for MT, or a t-shirt, or unplugged the laptop! (I’m so glad there wasn’t thunder storm that day)….. but didn’t dare to walk up again since the bus could come any time. And it did, after a 15 minutes wait or so. I ate my cold dinner at the bus.

waiting for the bus waiting for the bus Driving by Bø with bus

My mom collected us from the bus and drove us the short trip home to the farm. Soon my friend Bea came as well and we enjoyed the evening together (at least, we all enjoyed it after Bea and dad fixed her car). As if this wasn’t company enough, my brother and family suddenly came by with their caravan (to place on the hill behind the farm house; best view in town ;)). MT had so much fun with his cousins and we adults chatted away; we even went for a little nightly walk.

The farm; the view The farm; apple trees MT at the farm

Friday we woke up early. All of us tired. But thrilled (that goes for the adult), this was the going-to-IKEA day :D I think it’s over a year since last time, and I missed it so much. Fun to go with my friend too! MT didn’t find IKEA that funny, but he loved the play room and found himself a nice new animal.

me and my crock me and my crock me and my crock

The funniest thing was MT falling asleep while we looked around, I don’t know how he managed to sleep like this – but he sure did!

Sleeping beauty Sleeping beauty

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Happy birthday L & D



Our favorite twin girls turn 6 today! And what a great day to turn 6 ;)

They have just started their first year at school, so my guess is that there is lots happening right now :D I have been with them on their birthday for 5 years, this year I won’t make it (the journey is too long, and then there is the Confirmant Camp…) – but I wish I was there with you and so do MT! Miss you a lot, but have great memories from this summer to think about :D

going home MT and L in the water D and MT at beach

We wish you all that is good and shout out that we LOVE you!

Lots of hugs from MT and me

new theme

I’ve got a new theme for the blog. At least that solved the comment-issue (now you can comment as many time as you like ;) ). It’ll take some time to restore the sidebar to it’s usual self, but I’ll get there 8) First me and the little one are going to have some dinner; about time!

PS: the categories are not back on board, so if anyone can help me with that I’ll be glad!

things & stuff (in the life of a youth pastor)

Edit: now I only have 1 problem…. kind off

I’m planning a big Confirmant-year opening this weekend. So far I think there is 16 youths that have joined in. This weekend we are going to get to know each other and their parents/family is also invited to a bit of it. Hopefully the weather will hold so we can barbecue by the church as planned :D

There is, at this point, only two one problems:

  1. I can’t find any adults that wants to spend the night with us, I don’t know of anybody to ask either. :( And even though the youths might be nice and all, I really would want us to be 2 adult present.
  2. There is, off course, a soccer cup this weekend and many of the youths would rather be there.

Now I’m tossing and turning to find a way to make this weekend happen. Or else we might have to cansel the sleeping over part, and I so don’t want that! This year I plan to have a course for the “old” confirmants to teach them how to be a camp leader, so that might help in the long term run of things. But in the short term there is so few to choose from!

The farm; apples
These apples remind me of taking time to let things grow……

Right now I’m home doing a bit of house keeping, soon I’ll head down to the office for a short while to send some mail and try to figure out how to make a email newspaper. ;) Please help me if you know how!

cold lake dipping

MT finally got mom to go for a dip in the lake this evening. A bit late, but we had some other things to finish beforehand…. It was a bit on the cold side, though, but the look of the lake was as stunning as ever. I love this big lake and it’s sandy border :D I made a scrap page about the dip:

cold lake dippings

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