my tweets for 2008-10-01

  • Blah, sleep through it! 3 am is both to early and to late; to early for me that goes to bed around midnight and to lat to stay up for…. #
  • But there is another one TODAY ;) it starts 8 pm my time (if I counted right) – better get MT to bed early! #
  • working on my sermon. Jesus and the children. could a youth pastor ask for a better text?! ;) #
  • reading up on child theology. interesting! #
  • better fetch MT ;) #
  • I’m speed scrapping – and putting MT to bed at the same time. Please no calls tonight ;) #
  • speed scrap’s done (now i only have to do a version in norwegian for the birthday card!) – saw you there @makuahine : nice red! #
  • better find some psalms for the service sunday, i promised to send some to the organist today… it’s 10:30 pm, and i’m a bit late. #
  • finished another scrap – so now I have two cards for our friends ;D better go to bed soon, though! #
  • I just printed the scrap pages. Looks great :D night!! #

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