my tweets for 2008-10-04

  • new photos at flickr golden leaves #
  • new photos at flickr orange fall tree #
  • new photos at flickr are we home yet? #
  • new photos at flickr our back yard #
  • So there! Another couple married. I wish them well and I wish they hold on to each other and God! #
  • working on a scrap card for dad, he has his birthday on Monday. we’re celebrating tomorrow. #
  • Ok, so birthday card to dad is finished and uploaded. Now I’ll better find my bed. Have to get up early tomorrow and prepare service. #
  • finally the printer is printing as requested! night 😉 #
  • I’m preaching about Mark 10:13-16; I have a pretty good idea of what I want to focus on-but it’s always fun to hear other thoughts. Humor me #
  • – Wow. There is snow right by the road. Driving slowly, zero grades is approaching :) #
  • – The married couple and their guests are going in procession. Not a very good photo though 😉 #

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3 years

These two days, October 3rd and 4th, is really special to me and to our little family. 3 years ago, on these two days, me and MT met in Addis Abeba – and became family.

I’m not good with remembering every date that matters, but these two stands out in my mind.

stroke of luck

scraplift challenge; blessed I smile every time I remember his big smile and his love of kicking the ball. I almost cry when I think about how sad he was the first half an hour away from the other children and nurses he had spent his life with for so many months. He cried his heart out in frustration and fear of the new life. But I also remember his curious smile in the morning and the happiness when he was given a ball to play with and how our connection grew stronger each day. Becoming mother to him is the most important thing that have happened in my life. It’s not always easy, but I have no doubt that we belong together and that we love each other.

MT doesn’t care that much about this day, though, for him the most important stuff is here and now. But he enjoys looking at photos and asks “when are we going back to Ethiopia again? Tomorrow?!

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