my tweets for 2008-10-08

  • new photos at flickr fall trees #
  • new photos at flickr snow #
  • new photos at flickr fall view #
  • new photos at flickr purple #
  • @gryhelen you’re most welcome. I look forward to see your website (I know you are going to make one for this) when your up and running!! 😉 #
  • the power came back yesterday after 10 min or so, but I had no power(!) so the computer was off the rest of the night, I’m home sick today. #
  • what is wrong with flickr today?! #
  • There is dead mice in my cellar Can someone please come & empty the traps for me I hate doing that! I don’t like mice very much alive either #
  • Coffee. Good. Scrapping. Good. Keeps my mind of things. Things like mice, and a few others. #
  • Better fix the mice myself (since no one offered to help me!). #
  • @makuahine oh no! I’ve been there…. #
  • Time flies in the afternoon. We’ve had dinner, MT have been on the glubble and I have taken care of the laundry and a cup of coffee. #
  • night! #

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