laptop for my mom

momMy mom is finally getting her self set up with the laptop and broadband kind of life 😉

I’m on the search for a good computer for her. Not to expensive, but one that runs smoothly and have the main features like vista and such – and have power enough to run things efficiently (my mom is not good with the concept of waiting), lol. I don’t think she needs super space for storage, though, since she haven’t got any digital camera other than on the cell phone.

I think she should buy a Dell, even though it’s not the cheapest one around, but she is not very experienced at computers and so far both my dells have been almost trouble free. If she meets to much trouble logging on and in, I’m afraid she’ll stop using it after a few tries. I want her to enjoy using the laptop and be on often enough to get the hang off it. This will be a nice way for her to keep in touch with her grandchild AND with friends. 😀 And me and my SIL, off course, if we ever dare to tell her where to find us 😉

Please, tell me what laptop you would recommend to her!

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