my tweets for 2008-10-29

  • new photos at flickr IY and MT #
  • new photos at flickr MT and bike #
  • new photos at flickr fall hill #
  • new photos at flickr bike in fall #
  • So we got a tiny bit of snow tonight, it was cold at least 8 degrees below zero. Brrr… #
  • @gryhelen Love the name!! #
  • NOW it’s snowing at my place. Just realized it might be a good idea to get the car into the garage. And then I need to fetch my newspaper 😉 #
  • Wow! I ordered a photobook ++ the other day (Monday) and now I checked in to see if anything new had happen. It’s SHIPPED. That’s so fast! #

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the arrival of the first snow

snowman The first tiny itzy bitzy of snow came tonight. MT was thrilled and jumped in bed with joy. He was the first to look out the window and by his scream of happiness I was sure it snowed cats and dogs. But it didn’t, just a few flakes in the air and a tiny spritz of snow on the ground. (The photo is from 2005! My favorite snow monster ;))

It is the first snow non the less, and now I wonder if I’m ready for this cold, white and beautiful season. Have I changed my car tires? NO. Have I covered my flowers and the well? NO. Have I put aside summer furniture on my veranda? NO. Have I removed the ashes from my wood stove? YES.

I might have a few things to take care off. Anyone want to change the tires on my car???!

Anyway, I have a to-do list on the INside as well! It’s short, but not easy as it sounds:

  1. Get the things off my floors and vacuum!

I have a bad habit of not picking up after me when something falls to the floor. Need I say anything more for you to get the picture?

The reward is computer time. I haven’t created anything for a few days and I feel the urge. I love to work with my photos, make digi scrapbook pages and mess around with my PSE (photoshop elements). I learn something new every day! I really want to figure out how to make my own papers and elements, how cool wouldn’t that be. This is a few examples of what I’ve made so far, just trying out using my own photo as a background and blending and such…..

limedesign_coolblue limedesign1coolgreen limedesign1gray copy limedesign_bluish limedesign1grinish

limedesign1amizinglight limedesign_limeblurr limedesign_lillablurr limedesign1deeppurpleblurr limedesign1amazingblurr limedesign1freshgreenblurr

It makes me so happy to have colors and creativity in my life again!

Speaking of scrapbooking. There is this thing called a CT-team (as in creativity team, or something), every serious designer (of the scrapbook kind) have one of these. When you’re on this team you both get and give, you get to download and scrap with free supplies and then you give the designer credits and lets her use the scrapbook page made with the designers papers and elements (the kit) for promoting their stuff. Sometimes the rules are a bit different (they can be anything, really) but this is the basic. This is also a great way for anyone scrapping digitally to get in touch with others, to learn and get inspired. To be on a ct-team you have to apply and be approved. I’ve applied for two. The first one was for a one kit only. The second one is to be on a ct-team for a shop and do LO’s for different designers every two week. I haven’t started the latest one yet – but the first one is finished, and here is what I made for Jessica of Scrapbook Ideas with her color theory: OLIVE kit:


Fathers world

You can read a bit more about this in my scrapping LIME blog (there is even a more few more post about it, the link is to the first post) 😉

So that is a bit of my life right now 😉

By the way; if you got some time on your hands and do love to use your hands making stuff – you should head over to Ali for this super idea for capturing the December memories. I wish to make something similar, but maybe just digitally at first?!?!?!?!?!?! It is a really great idea, but then Ali tend to have great ideas 😉

Take care and enjoy the fall into winter season!!!

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