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I’ve been inspired to document my every day life recently, by reading Ali Edwards blog {A} capture. create. I just found her a couple of weeks ago. I guess she is no news to a lot of people, well known as she is in US and in the scrap booking world. But she is news to me 😉 Not that I’m going to start paper scrapping any time soon, digital suits me fine, but I will try to pick up some of her ideas. And i do plan on making my very own December book by printing out my layouts and collecting them (will need some ink supplies for that, but that is okay!). December is a busy time in this house and it’s so easy to forget to experience the joy of the season together, documenting this will give me more focus on the days; on the every day stuff that’s going on. I look forward to it, and will try to make it as simple and easy as possible and be sure to write down the journaling each night right here at my blog, even though I might not finish scrapping it completely until later….

Back to the present. Today I’m taking photos as I move on with my day, trying to take at least one photo every hour (who am I kidding, I can’t take just one photo when I start the camera; I mean that I’ll pick it up at least once each hour! :D). I plan on showing them tomorrow, so far I’ve done good so you will at least see how I spent the first part of my day. 😀 Hopefully I’ll manage also when MT is back home…. Early October I did something similar and scrapped about it for a challenge at Scrapmatters last week:

everyday magic

And what is my life like today?

Sunny, both cold and warm (cold outside and warm inside; but also cold in the shadows and warm in the sun). This time of year the sun shines less on our home because it doesn’t climb so high over the mountain and hills to the east and south, but still we have some. MT thinks that is kind of a good idea, it makes the snow stay at our place even though it’s gone other places…. I’m not so sure, I love to see the sun!

I’m also cleaning. I’m due back at work coming Monday and eager to get my house up and running in time for that. Yesterday I did a bit in the kitchen, today I’m working on the living room. And since I love changes, (yes I do!) I’m moving a bit of furniture around. Not sure if I’ll keep it or not, but we’ll see, I do have a problem getting my sofas fitting in this room, they are to big!

And then, off course, I’m also online and doing a bit of scrap booking. I usually read some blogs, catch up on the scrapping world and uploading photos to flickr (I’m behind; working on that!). Right now I’m preparing a couple of scrap pages for the Pretty Scrappy place. It’s my first time around doing ct-team work and they are having troubles with the internal part of their site, so I’m not sure when I can show you what I’ve done, though, but be sure to follow along on my scrapping blog LIME scrapped and you’ll see 😉

This is my latest favorite. I love the new kit from Songbird Avenue; and just in time for winter at our place!

frost nature

Better go fetch the mail and get some sunshine in my face!

Have a fantastic and blessed day!

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3 thoughts on “documenting my life

  1. Helen says:

    Good luck with the documenting… You seem pretty inspired :)
    Great to see you back in the blogging world!

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